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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweater curse

It's done it's done it's done!!

Hooray, hooray, I finished my spouse's sweater.

This is exciting not only because it fits and he likes it, but because I can now move on to finishing gift and stealth knitting.

I borrowed some of the math for the yoke from the "Tang" pattern out of "Custom Knits," which of course looks nothing like the sweater I made for the boy. I took out the body shaping, altered the neckline, and took out about half of the sleeve decreases because of the cables I added.

The fit is pretty good but not perfect. The body is a little baggy and the sleeves a little snug, but all in all not bad for my first attempt knitting a sweater for someone other than myself. I also did one-row buttonholes, which I always think is a good idea until I do them, and then I realize that I hate the way they look. I tried my hand at what is supposed to be an "invisible" bind-off for 2x2 rib for the bottom hem, and it also came out OK. I cheated on the button band and neck and did 1X1 ribbing since I like the bind-off so much better.

I'm already on to other things but the photos will have to wait. Stay tuned. . .


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