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Monday, October 10, 2005

Throw me to the velvet dogs of pop star history...

And behold, proof that I've actually finished something(s), even though all the "proof" is shot sans makeup and with "trying stuff on" hair:

Alejandro says, "Wow, that is one snazzy suit you've got there, mom..."

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"... but what is that even snazzier top I see peeking out from under that jacket?"

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"That's not just any ol' tank top, that's a ribbon X-back! (and a mighty scary view of my back - I should get a mannekin for next time. . .)"

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And this is a Spring Fling, meticulously arranged (i.e. bunched up under the armpits and pulled to the back) so you can't see that it's actually 2-3 sizes too big because somebody didn't swatch...)

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And Ella's all-time favorite, the recycled silk cardigan, designed on my body, while I was knitting it, with the fabulous Stefanie Japel's "Ubernatural" used as a template.

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There you have it. Still no pictures of the teeny tiny socks. (But look! I'm growing a waist! Er... shrinking a waist. Anyway, there's some sort of indentation in the waistal region.)