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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Sitting on a rock
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I'm back from my five-day stint south of the (state) border. The lacy ruffled wrap was delivered to much excitement from the graduate, who also sang like an angel and delivered a valedictorian speech that rhymed.

Cheeky executed her two-at-once sock intro like a pro and was almost to the gussets by the time we came home. We saw Narnia with my cousins and I did the 3-mile track in record time yesterday with Marissa, and in not-so-record but still fun time with my mom, aunt, and uncle. I also did a respectable hill in the mud on Friday morning, considering I was extremely tempted to stay in bed. I also, however, helped my husband demolish a vegetarian superspecial (the topping combinations are at the discretion of the cook and different on every slice) at my favorite pizza place back home, so it's doubtful that the exercise did much good.

The highlight of my weekend was visiting our former city of residence and spending the day with friends. We saw a new baby (gorgeous), heard glowing tales of happiness with a new career (exciting), and laughed ourselves dizzy (if you don't believe me, look at my crossed eyes in all the pictures) with some people I would see more than once a year if life were fair.

In keeping with my rule: No pictures of people who don't read this blog will appear in this blog. So, you'll just have to take my word for it unless you see me in person, but I have some good shots of Hippie Bikerville where we were running around acting like little kids. I'll post the people-free ones this week. The one above is a teaser. We are making those faces because, just out of frame, one of our friends is brandishing a big stick at us.

That's all I'm going to say - I feel just as self-conscious going on and on about how much I adore people who are outside of the community for which this blog is written as I do trying to explain how much I like YOU people to my friends who don't knit.

Anyway... back. Well-rested and in good humor. Expect (gasp, shock) that I may turn up at UFO night tomorrow after the gym for once.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Radio Nowhere

Lace wrap detail
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Some laciness in Artyarns sock yarn, with a ruffle added on in a brown and burgundy from our own local dying goddess Andrea at Crafty in a Good Way (heart, heart, heart).

I knit this while watching DVDs with my husband, so there are, I am afraid, a lot of mistakes of the I-just-did-that-row-of-the-repeat-twice variety. However, all of the vertical lines and centered double decreases are unbroken, so I'm hoping it doesn't look like complete hash.

The ruffle reminds me of a coral reef or sea anemone. I have half a ball of the Andrea yarn left, and it just happens to coordinate perfectly with a ball of Two Windows Dye Company (also local) that I bought at Misknits recently, so I'm halfway through making myself a tilting blocks scarf that will probably also have a big ruffle outline. Because I need another half-finished project.

This is for a relative who is graduating this weekend. Therefore, I have extra excuse to go home for Memorial Day and give it to her in person. I am also...

a) going to visit my grandma (hooray!)
b) teaching Cheekyknits how to knit a sock
c) probably playing tennis with my dad and
d) driving down south to have lunch and run around with some friends and former coworkers I nevah get to see, with the exception of one who's ditching us. (Long story.)

But... before that, I am going to see The Cure. Because I have the best husband in the universe.

And for that, dear friends, you must forgive me for being a crummy president and missing my first meeting tomorrow.

I'll make it up to you after I'm done rocking out.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where I've been

I actually have finished knitting projects. Or, I could entertain myself and take some pictures of my gallery of UFOs (horrifying). But instead, I'll settle for yet another picture of my evil twin sticking something disgusting in her mouth.

More later - Jo actually took what I hope are pretty good shots of a lace wrap I just finished blocking as a gift for a cousin who's graduating next weekend.

And in other news, I have a new cell phone number. E-mail me if you think you're someone who needs to have it.