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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Long long time, no blog

There are times in a person's life where she feels creative - prolific, even - and wants to tell the world every juicy detail of the ideas bursting forth from her brilliant mind. Every day is full of action, adventure, and cinematic close calls that it has to be shared. She waxes nostalgic about her glory days.

Or, she is just full of herself and has delusions that people care what she does on the weekends.

And then there are other times, ladies and gentlemen, where she is just. working. too. much, barely has time to knit or go to the gym, is having a knock-down-drag-out with the Homeowner's Association about the height of a garden shed, is trying to keep her basil from dying and is helping her equally overworked husband take care of a cat who has temporarily lost the will to live while he's wearing the Cone of Shame.

During those times, there are some who will rise to the occasion and turn their mundane struggles into brilliant prose.

And then there is me, and I said "Aw, to heck with it. Something's got to give. Blogging it is."

"... and housecleaning."

So, here is a brief and lazy recap of my summer since the guild retreat, or at least the parts that don't involve work:

Six 5k races and two fund-raiser walks:
I've been cheating on my knitting hobby with another hobby

My parents came up to visit this summer and built a shed in the back corner of my patio:
HPIM1877_edited (5/31/09)
(I still haven't finished painting the trim on version 2.0)

Took a couple of days off, went home and hung out with my family, and showed off my Dork Dancing Cred:
Went to see A.'s new apartment; had some adventures involving chutney, the roof, unpleasant-tasting sake, and getting lost (not necessarily all at the same time). We also made a mess:

I got a couple of haircuts and took off-center pictures with my dinky little phone:
(May) (July)

Oh, and this movie came out, and my friends and I debated for awhile about whether we should bother seeing it, because it wasn't something we were particularly interested in, but in the end we decided we had nothing better to do:
It was just a fluke, really, that we left two hours before the movie started at midnight and that we were wearing wool in the middle of July, and such looks of glee on our faces:
Jo Minor knitting at HP6 by sonnetstitchesRavenclaw book scarf
That last bit brings me to about the only knitting I've completed during this great expanse of time, and thus the reason there hasn't been much blogging. I'd promise to finish more and thus return to blogging, but it's still a little bit down the priority list. My hindquarters have been spending too much time in my office chair, and the last 5k was a month ago - plus there's all that painting, housecleaning, cat-sympathizing, and husband-supporting that I've been neglecting.

Here's hoping that fall will involve lots of long walks and time spent snuggling on comfy couches with a cup of hot tea, a couple of contented felines, a non-stressed husband, and a basket of yarn.