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Monday, December 10, 2007


Winter 07 035
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These are so fast, and so adorable, and so warm. Fastest baby gift in the west! I really like them in the space-dyed pastels, because you never know what color they will turn out. I have a fabulous picture of the mom-to-be "modeling" her socks on her pregnant belly, but I can't post it because I have a thing about posting the faces of my friends on my blog when they don't actually know I have a blog. (Note this means if you're reading this and you squirt mayonnaise in your mouth or
borrow your dog's Halloween costume
, you are fair game).

I am almost finished with some grownup socks, and I am wishing I could knit faster. My dexterity goes way, way down when my hands are cold. My typing speed goes down by about half, so I can only imagine my knitting mojo is just as bad.

I have many, many things to be thankful for and I'm mad at myself for not doing a Thanksgiving entry (especially since Carmen's was excellent, and included a montage of friends, family, and the all-important, discontinued, and elusive orange Trekking XXL). There are a lot of things I should be doing differently in my life, and so I'm trying to get a jump on my New Year's resolutions early. For example, I had a giant salad for lunch and I went to spinning class and worked out hard core even though there was imminent threat of crippling ice storms. I have high hopes of looking like myself again by next Christmas. I mean, enough is enough.