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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Not much to post -- I have knitting ADD and at last count I have the following in progress:

2 pair of socks
1 tank top
1 skirt
1 belt
1 sweater for my husband

Not to mention the half a sweater and two mateless socks hanging out in the bottom of my knitting box somewhere.

It's been a crummy week -- my house was bombarded with calls and e-mails from knitting buddies last night because I stayed in the house and it made me feel loved.

My knitting circles are starting to overlap; two ladies from the Tuesday night group showed up at the coffee shop where the guild meets and didn't even know there was a meeting there. I met up with someone from the knitty board at a local yarn shop last week and she showed up at Tuesday night looking for me; while she was calling to chew me out for being AWOL, someone new came and sat at her table so she hung up.

Half an hour later I got another phone call from a friend from the guild; it turns out she had showed up at Tuesday night to make amends for the Thursday night group bugging out early (before I showed up on my bike in 102-degree heat to say hi to a bunch of empty chairs). So while she was chewing me out for being AWOL, I found out she was the "someone new" who had sat at the table of my friend from the knitty board! (Are you confused? Because I am!) Anyway, they had a grand old time knitting and abusing me, I'm sure.

I still didn't go out -- we got some bad news this week, on top of the huge roof leak and the two gas leaks in our apartment in a row, and I'm just a little tired and more than a little busy. Whoever said depression was good for art has obviously never been depressed. I'm doing a lot of staring at yarn, making feeble attempts at design, frogging, putting things down, starting other things. Spinning my wheels and not in the best sense of the word.

To keep in perspective and because I'm worried about her (and because I want to know what's really going on), when I've been online I've been pretty much glued to Joumana's blog. If you're reading this, go there. If you're not paying attention to the news, well, now would be a good time to tune in.