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Monday, March 09, 2009

Giant Entrelac Afghan

The Giant Entrelac Afghan is done, wrapped, and ready to go in the mail!

I have pictures blocked and unblocked. I ended up having enough yarn to make it a little bigger, but it is pretty heavy and I think it's a nice size for curling up in the recliner with a book or curling up on the couch with someone, which I'm told newlyweds like to do (not at my house - the spouse thinks the couch is uncomfortable. The cats tend to agree with him, so they all crowd onto the recliner and blink at me).

Anyway, for those who haven't been watching me for the last couple of weeks as I carry this thing around in a plastic bag for fear of White Yarn contamination... this was a wedding gift for someone Back Home, the daughter of a very good friend of ours who is, apparently, obsessed with the color red. I had originally picked out what I thought were "safe" colors (grey, cream, black, and one skein of purple), but after I realized the extent of The Red Thing, I knew I needed to change course. My brain is so attuned to only seeing certain colors on the shelf (Green! Rust! Teal! Orange!) that either of those combinations was a brain adjustment.

This was the first time I've done an entrelac project that wasn't on the bias. It went quickly, and my backwards-knitting skills are now approaching ninja level. If I'd had to turn every 20 stitches on a project made out of bulky wool that fits across my bed, I would still be knitting (and probably swearing, which is not the sort of energy one wants to exude into a wedding gift).

So, now it's done, and just in time: It's going in the mail tomorrow, and the wedding is Saturday. I wrapped it up in a red and white box and tied ribbons on it before sending it full of good wishes for a lovely wedding surrounded by friends and a long and happy marriage.

That out of the way, do you think it's time I did something about my entrelac addiction?
Entrelac Problem

Na. . .


Saturday, March 07, 2009


First, you make a shape. Then you pick up stitches along the side of the shape, and you make another shape. . .

It's addictive. Kind of like Tetris.