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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Posterity, shame, commas, etc.

Portrait of the author after a typical 13-hour workday. Note pajamas, sympathetic feline companions, and extremely unflattering camera angle that proves subject's spouse is a sadistic so-and-so:
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Portrait of the author's husband who, while being a sadistic so-and-so, manages to be the most adorable member of the male species ever created:

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Portrait of the author five minutes ago, after a typical eight-hour work Saturday, sporting some extra weight and a new haircut, and without the common decency to put on clothes that match:

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My first knitting class is tomorrow (toe-up socks). Last I checked I had four signups. Send me some good vibes that they like me (and that if they don't, that they will be easily bribed by chocolate).