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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweater curse

It's done it's done it's done!!

Hooray, hooray, I finished my spouse's sweater.

This is exciting not only because it fits and he likes it, but because I can now move on to finishing gift and stealth knitting.

I borrowed some of the math for the yoke from the "Tang" pattern out of "Custom Knits," which of course looks nothing like the sweater I made for the boy. I took out the body shaping, altered the neckline, and took out about half of the sleeve decreases because of the cables I added.

The fit is pretty good but not perfect. The body is a little baggy and the sleeves a little snug, but all in all not bad for my first attempt knitting a sweater for someone other than myself. I also did one-row buttonholes, which I always think is a good idea until I do them, and then I realize that I hate the way they look. I tried my hand at what is supposed to be an "invisible" bind-off for 2x2 rib for the bottom hem, and it also came out OK. I cheated on the button band and neck and did 1X1 ribbing since I like the bind-off so much better.

I'm already on to other things but the photos will have to wait. Stay tuned. . .


Monday, November 03, 2008

Warm hands, warm heart

Not much to report, other than that the local crowd excels in the throwing of parties and the engineering of costumes. Plazajen's costume? Hilarious. And her acting was perfect.

I did some minor landscaping work on the new patio... however, thanks to daylight savings time, it's pitch dark by 6 p.m. and you get no photo (at least, not today).

Several people in my life have birthdays right about now, and they're all getting the same thing. One of them was yesterday, in fact, and hers isn't done, but at this rate I'll get it started and finished while I'm waiting in line to vote.
Gloves for KAfterthought thumbs

Wrong SchoolWrong School

I like how they turned out, and I hope the intended recipients do, too. The red ones are likely to get me disowned by my family, because they are the Wrong School's colors, but whatever. Some people are worth getting disowned over.